Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Classes

June 2014

Your midwife may have mentioned antenatal classes to you and they are definitely worth looking in to. Many mums-to-be (and dads-to-be), particularly those who are expecting for the first time, are interested to find out more about what lies ahead. Antenatal classes are designed to do just that. They can also be a really good opportunity to meet people who are expecting at the same time as you – which can mean some making friends with people who are also going through sleepless nights and teething when you are!

Classes are booked according to your due date and in general you tend to attend in the later stages of your pregnancy, and cover topics such as:

  • Later stages of pregnancy and what to expect
  • Preparing for labour including pain relief, birth positions, breathing techniques
  • Natural birth, epidural, water births, induction
  • Your recovery and wellbeing post-labour
  • Caring for your baby, nappy changing, bathing, feeding

It also gives you details of other groups and organisations you can go to for help.

To find your nearest NHS class location log on here:

You can find more information on NCT classes here:

Some websites offer additional information should you want it, such as Netmums’ Pregnancy Course:

So if you feel the need to focus and prepare for your pending arrival, then give antenatal classes a try.