Baby Brain?

Baby Brain?

January 2014

You may be feeling it now, and if you’ve been pregnant before it may well be something you remember experiencing. Here at Project-B, it’s definitely something the team (who have all had babies) can relate to… Baby Brain! Annoying though it is, many women experience forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating on tasks during their pregnancy. But is Baby Brain a real thing or just the result of having lots of baby-related things to think about?

There has been lots of research over many years to try and find out whether Baby Brain is real or not, but in 2011 psychologist Laura M. Glynn of Chapman University in America undertook a study which further developed the school of thought that Baby Brain is a real occurrence.  

Dr Glynn carried out extensive research which monitored the changes in brain activity and emotions occurring during pregnancy. She claimed that fluctuations in hormones as well as tiny foetal movements resulted in a change to a woman’s brain activity.  She suggested that the reproductive hormones may be preparing a woman’s brain for the demands of motherhood - helping her to become less stressed and more attuned to her baby’s needs. 

Dr Glynn concludes that more research is needed, but initial signs show this could be a genuine thing, and not just a good excuse for when you’ve misplaced the car keys again!


You can find more details on her study here: