Baby Massage – a centuries old tradition for bonding and soothing with your baby

Baby Massage – a centuries old tradition for bonding and soothing with your baby

September 2013

Baby massage might seem like a new trend or fad but in fact it’s been used for centuries to calm, soothe and bond with your new-born.  In those busy first few weeks it can be difficult to make time between the nappies and the feeding, but baby massage has been proven to be beneficial to both baby and parent  - not only can it extend the wonderful bond between baby and parent but it has been proven to help alleviate post-natal depression.  Here Netmums tells us more about this special technique

Of course you’ll want to use the purest product you can find and nothing comes better than the Kind & Calming Massage Oil from baby experts Love Boo.  One of the latest additions to Love Boo’s best-selling, award-winning, UK-made, baby skincare range, this products is a 100% natural oil containing luxurious, nourishing ingredients.  It is perfect for giving babies a soothing massage to help them simply relax or even drift off to sleep.

So what is it about Love Boo’s Baby Kind & Calming Massage Oil that works so well? 

It’s the combination of 100% natural ingredients:

Rosehip Oil

An ultra-rich and nutritious oil, rosehip oil consists of 80 per cent essential fatty acids and is known for its moisturising, healing properties. Rose hip oil can help soothe eczema, restore softness and treat dry, irritated skin.

Organic Lavender Oil

One of the oldest essential oils in the world, lavender has a calming, smoothing aroma that can help induce sleep and soothe restlessness. Kind & Calming Massage Oil uses a baby-safe amount of the highest quality organic lavender, just enough to calm and soothe your little one leaving them happy and contented.

Annabel Hargrave, qualified birth teacher and baby massage instructor says:
Massaging your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience for both of you. Ideally it should be done when your baby is happy and relaxed. You should always try to get eye to eye contact with your baby or get their attention before starting. Start by introducing your touch with your hands on their body. You could try massaging the tummy or back using these methods first… 

The Tummy Tub
Making sure your hand is relaxed rub in circular movements in a clockwise direction. Then, walk fingers across the baby’s tummy. Massaging strokes down one side of your baby’s tummy and then the other side.

The Flying Formation Back Rub
Massage from neck down to bottom, up and down then move on from bottom down to feet, then finally from neck to feet. Then try small circles up one side of the spine and back down the other with your fingertips. Move your hands across Baby's shoulders and draw their arms out to the side to create a flying formation.

You can more baby massage advice and tips at:

Love Boo’s Kind & Calming Massage Oil, 100ml, RRP £12.99.