Baby Mooning!

Baby Mooning!

January 2017

You may laugh at the idea of taking a baby moon but really, think about it, your third trimester may be the last time you both get to be relaxed and romantic for quite a while so don't knock the idea before you've thoroughly considered it.

Though it may sound a little gimmicky there are some true benefits to taking a little break ahead of the mayhem and treating yourself to a little "bumps up" time (with the feet of course) for a few days.

You will get to be just you together and spend some special moments looking forward at your future and how it is about to change. Hold hands, take walks, laugh, read a book, enjoy some good food and just be. Sounds good doesn't it?

But what to do and where to go? Here are a few tips for any budget:

1) People often like to take little spa weekends where "mama to be" treatments are on offer for you while your other half can rejuvenate in the steam room. A couple of days of doing absolutely nothing can be extremely cathartic for the soul at any time but now, in your final stages of pregnancy, it could be just what the Doctor ordered.

Look around for special packages and deals with hotel chains – you don't even need to travel far from home to lap up some luxury like this so check out the hotels in your area to see what offers they have.

2) If you're feeling fighting fit, hate sitting down and want to get on with things as normal then a small city break somewhere in Europe hits the spot for a lot of us. Remember that most air-lines won't allow you to fly after 30 weeks so pre-planning for a trip abroad is essential. It's worth noting that a stay-cation with a British City break can be just as much fun. Pick somewhere you've never been before and take a road trip just the two of you (just make sure you take your pregnancy pillow for any long car journeys)!

If you're traveling abroad make sure your Doctor gives his consent and you take your pregnancy notes with you.

3) Camping might not fill many pregnant women with glee but how about a "glamping" trip. It suits a tighter budget and lots of sites in the UK offer wooden pods, shepherd's huts and bell tents. These are often available complete with all the mod cons you would expect in a hotel room but for a fraction of the price. This could be a time to be at one with nature and toast marshmallows over the camp fire while you gaze up at the stars.

Make sure you take all your comforts with you in the car. Unlike regular camping you won't need to take any equipment so there will be plenty of room for all the other bits and pieces which make pregnancy more comfortable.

4) A Baby Moon doesn't have to be a trip, if you can't face travelling or being away from home right now then simply schedule a whole day to be together and plan some lovely things to do in the town or City that you live in. Book a facial which you can take together, reserve a table at your favourite restaurant for lunch and then have a wander before seeing the latest film at the cinema – cinema trips are about to become obsolete in your life for a few months so get them in while you can!

Do all the things you love to do but which might be hard with a baby in tow and take the whole day out together to really feel the benefit.

5) If budgets are tight and you want to keep costs down to a minimum then how about a "home moon"? Don't laugh! It can be just as much fun as anything else. Turn your phones off for the weekend, get lots of movies lined up and cook some yummy grub. Take a holiday at home and nestle in together for the weekend to make like you're properly away!

The only thing that matters is that you're relaxing, taking time together and looking forward to that bundle of fun about to arrive in your lives.

We think a baby moon is the perfect way to spend that last little bit of time before the baby comes and though it doesn't really matter how or where you do it, it will make a massive difference to your stress levels if you just take the opportunity and run with it.

What would be your best 'baby mooning' tips?