Baby Name Ideas

Baby Name Ideas

May 2014

From George to North, Klay, Phaedra, Blue Ivy and Buzz, the last year or so has seen a plethora of baby names from the celebrity arena. If you’ve been a parent before, you’ll know the responsibility that comes with naming your baby! Ideas you always loved suddenly don’t seem to work when faced with the prospect of saying them for the rest of your life!

Where do you sit when it comes to baby names?  Do you love the unusual, the simple or the classic?  And how are you getting on with finding the name you want to call your baby?  Have you chosen one you’ve love for years or are you still trailing through websites and books looking for new ideas?

If you have started watching the closing credits more closely than your actual programme in case you spot a good name, then you need more help – and there are many websites and books out there which can do just that.  The Babycentre in particular has a good page to look at:  It gives you ideas from all areas of life, such as nature, colour, places, songs, books, films, so definitely worth a look.

In the meantime, the Bounty website lists their ‘most viewed’ names in the past month as:


1 Amelia
2.    Grace
3.    Evie
4.    Riley
5.    Olivia
6.    Ethan
7.    Lola
8.    Lily
9.    Jenson
10.  Oliver



And if you’re still finding it hard, you may want to wait to see what your new family member looks like.  You have 42 days after your baby is born before you legally need to register their birth (and therefore their name) with your local register office.