Belt up, I’m pregnant

Belt up, I’m pregnant

July 2013

A little unsure how to buckle up now you are pregnant?

It may seem tricky or even a little uncomfortable to fasten a seat belt over your growing bump. However it is so important for you and your baby that you do!

Often amongst pregnant women there is the common worry that wearing a seatbelt may put too much pressure on your stomach and baby, especially if an accident were to occur. In fact, it would be more harmful not too and as long as the seatbelt is worn correctly, you and your baby will be protected.

Here the NHS explains how to wear your Seatbelt correctly

How should you wear the seatbelt correctly?

The lap strap should be positioned across your hips, fitting comfortably and snug below your bump. Ensure that the strap is never placed across your bump or above it, as this can be dangerous for you and your baby.

The diagonal strap should be worn between your breast and across your shoulder. It should also be placed around the bump rather than across it.

Always remember to buckle up! Follow our advice to ensure you are protected, safe and comfortable when driving while pregnant.

For more information visit Sheffield Health and Social Care.