Bottoms Up! Meet Metanium

Bottoms Up! Meet Metanium

September 2013


The Company Helping To Make Nappy Rash An Irritant Of The Past

Nappy rash…It’s something most babies will have at some point in their first 18 months. It can look sore and be painful when the skin is inflamed. It’s caused by prolonged contact with urine or poo, sensitive skin, rubbing or chafing, soap, detergent or bubble bath, baby wipes, diarrhoea or other illness. The NHS recommends[1]  using a barrier cream to help. That’s where Metanium comes in!

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment has a unique double action formula to provide daily protection from nappy rash. It forms a physical barrier to help protect against the external irritants that can cause nappy rash. It is also fragrance and lanolin free, so is gentle enough to use every day and at each nappy change.

It’s a hit with mums to, you only have to Google them to see this. 200 Mumsnetters tested Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment and most said they would be likely to recommend Metanium to other mums. It’s also rated 5/5 by reviewers on Amazon.

Here’s how Metanium recommends you use their cream:


1.     After removing a soiled nappy, thoroughly clean the nappy area and gently pat dry with a soft towel.


2.     Wash your hands and dab a small amount (pea size) of the barrier ointment over the nappy area with your fingertip, before putting on clean nappy


3.     It is important to spread the barrier ointment thinly and evenly so it forms a thin protective layer.


4.     Repeat at each nappy change to help protect against nappy rash.

That’s a simple, quick and easy way to help prevent this skin irritation.

Now, did you know there are certain times in which nappy rash is more like to appear? Weaning, teething and sleeping can all lead to it. Check out Metanium’s seven triggers page on their website, plus their handy prevention page.

If nappy rash does strike then Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is licensed specifically to treat nappy rash. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment is a medicine, always read the label.

The best thing about the Metanium range is that it is so widely available so if you run out in the middle of the night you can pop to your local supermarket. Starting from £2-99 for 40g and £5-49 for 80g Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment and £2.99 for 30g Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment  all are  available from Asda, Boots, Morrisons, Savers, Sainsburys, Tesco, pharmacies and at