Bump Start

Bump Start

November 2013

As a little bonus in the Project-B beauty boxes from now until April, subscribers will also receive a sample of Weleda’s award-winning Stretch Mark Massage Oil 

Weleda’s Stretch Mark Massage Oil is delicately fragranced with pure essential oils all suitable for pregnancy. The rosy-sweet top note is Geranium, both relaxing and energising, to lift the mood. Geranium is also noted for its skin-healing properties (and often used in aromatherapy to treat broken veins, dry skin, cuts and bruises). This is balanced with soothing lavender, also valued for its skin-healing properties and for its ability to ease minor aches and pains or tense muscles (and equally to ease anxiety). Then warming orange – combining stimulating, relaxing and refreshing qualities – is a natural pick-me-up for anyone feeling over-tired. The base oil of sweet almond adds a delicious marzipan mellowness.

Stretch Mark Massage Oil has also been dermatologically-tested on people with very sensitive skin - another common experience during pregnancy. It contains skin-smoothing jojoba oil, together with protective wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E and valuable unsaturated fatty acids. The final touch of magic is Weleda’s extract of organic arnica flowers, renowned for their natural anti-inflammatory properties, to support recovery.

Stretch Mark Massage Oil is ideal to soothe the skin as it stretches to accommodate a growing bump. Using the oil for massage will help keep the connective tissues elastic – our best defence against stretch marks. During pregnancy, circulation increases and skin can become drier. Our bodies are pre-programmed to store fatty reserves around the thighs, bottom and breasts, so we have the necessary energy to cope with the physical demands of a newborn baby. As a result, the skin around these areas is at risk of developing stretch marks.

Applied regularly to tummy, thighs, bottom and breasts, this oil improves the structure of the skin, leaving it velvety soft. Try gentle sweeping, circular movements (with both hands) on tum and breasts, and swirly figure-of-8 movements on buttocks and thighs. It is recommended for use from the beginning of pregnancy up to three months after birth, to ease the gradual change of size as the body grows or reduces during and following pregnancy. Developed with doctors and midwives, this comforting oil is a great way for mums to nurture themselves, to celebrate their changing shape, and bond with their bump.

Not surprisingly this luxurious oil is a favourite with some well known mums and mums-to-be including Dannii Minogue, Fearne Cotton and Jenni Falconer.