Clever Cleaning for your Growing Family

Clever Cleaning for your Growing Family

September 2013

Whether you’re expecting your first child, second or even third (or more!), being pregnant and planning for the birth and beyond is an exciting time but it can also be a little daunting.  The prospect of what you need to do to get ready for your new arrival can leave some women feeling overwhelmed and anxious and it’s important to keep this to a minimum for both you and your little one!

The urge to prepare your home for your new arrival, ‘nesting’, is common amongst many mothers–to-be, the feeling of wanting to  get all those little jobs done and tidying areas of the house you may have been meaning to get to for a while can be very satisfying.  However, it’s important to keep everything in perspective and that’s why our mantra at Spontex is ‘Clever Cleaning’ and this should apply not just leading up to the birth but far beyond it too! 

Our range of ‘Clever Cleaning’ products are all designed to produce the best results with the minimum fuss and effort, and importantly for the family home, to minimise the need for using harmful chemical cleaners.

Once you’ve been through your ‘nesting’ phase and you have welcomed your bundle of joy into the world, it’ll take some time to get settled into a new routine with baby, the house and yourself to look after! That’s why we’ve put together a list of eight top tips to help you keep on top of the chores and to make sure you enjoy quality time with your baby without worrying about what needs to be done around the house:

1.    Most midwives will tell you not to worry too much about the whole house clean in the first few weeks after the birth – this is good advice.  You need to rest as much as possible and spend time with your new baby, therefore, accept all offers of help and if any visitors come round and ask if there’s anything they can do – don’t be afraid to take them up on their offer, most people are only too pleased to help out! 


2.    Break down any chores, whether they are daily or weekly, into manageable chunks and don’t get distracted by jobs that don’t really need doing.  You’ll discover lots of new ‘baby chores’ to build into your routine, so this will help you feel like you’re keeping on top of things without having to devote huge amounts of time to cleaning.


3.    Keep a stash of ‘Clever Cleaning’ products to hand, for example you can give the bathroom a once over and get great results with a Spontex Microfibre Anti-Limescale (or Bathroom Sponge Scourer).


4.    Use technology to help you!  If your washing machine has a timer why not put a load in before you go to bed and set the timer so it finishes for when you get up.  You can then hang out the washing and it will have a chance to dry during the day!


5.    Invest in good storage so you can tidy away toys and other bits and pieces at the end of the day easily. A quick tidy up makes a huge difference and you won’t feel like you’re living in chaos when you do get five minutes to sit down!


6.    Write a list and be realistic about what you plan to achieve – then tick things off so you feel like you are making progress!


7.    Make Microfibre your friend!  Cloths using Microfibre technology are great for removing dust and dirt from surfaces, quickly and easily without cleaning liquids.  Use damp to wipe down surfaces or dry to wipe over your TV, audio equipment and ornaments.  Microfibre cloths have thousands of tiny fibres which cling to dust and remove it from your surfaces rather than just dusting it into the air like traditional dusters do!


8.    Focus on the high usage areas of your home such as your living room, kitchen and bathroom.  Don’t worry about the spare room or the home office if they’re not in use.  Just shut the door and worry about cleaning them another day when you have more time for a full clean.


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