Eight Million Nappies are disposed of EVERY DAY!

Eight Million Nappies are disposed of EVERY DAY!

September 2013

MioWipes show their award-winning alternative

One thing every new parent will definitely get very familiar with is the nappy!  Would it surprise you to know that eight million disposable nappies are sent to landfill in the UK each day?  This equates to a staggering three billion nappies being thrown away each year!

When faced with these facts, it’s no wonder that someone decided this couldn’t continue.  That’s where reusable nappy experts Bambino Mio come in.  Bambino Mio was founded in 1997 by husband and wife Guy and Jo Schanschieff who, after the birth of their first child felt it was important to offer parents not only an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies, but a modern, stylish reusable nappy that could really save parents money.

When becoming a parent, you suddenly reassess the way you look at the world and your impact on the environment suddenly becomes more important as you look to the next generation.” – Guy Schanschieff, Founder of Bambino Mio

Reusable nappies have increased greatly in popularity over the past few years as more and more parents are becoming aware of their benefits.

·        They are better for baby – reusable nappies use absorbent fabric rather than chemical gels which are found in some disposable nappies

·        They are better for parents – you can save a considerable amount of money by using reusable nappies

·        They are better for the environment – reusable nappies are up to 40% better for the environment than disposable nappies* 

Not to mention that they look adorable too!   If you compare the eight million reusable nappies thrown away every day, to only the 48 reusable nappies needed throughout your child’s nappy wearing years, it certainly puts things into perspective.  Many celebrity parents such as Elton John, Gwyneth Palthrow and Julia Roberts have opted for reusable nappies as an eco-friendly alternative.

So now there is an award-winning alternative to disposable nappies, as well as accessories, swim nappies and potty training essentials.  Check out more information and hear from other parents on their experiences at the Bambino Mio family on Facebook www.facebook.com/bambinomio.  Log on to www.bambinomio.com for more information about the products and Company.

*Environment Agency lifecycle assessment for disposable and reusable nappies in the UK, 2008.