Enjoy your fit pregnancy – it’s good for both of you!

Enjoy your fit pregnancy – it’s good for both of you!

September 2016

Are you one of more than 70% of Mammas-to-be who view pregnancy as a good excuse to take it easy and simply avoid any exercise at all? Tempting as it might be to simply sit down and put your feet up, midwives and health experts agree that all healthy pregnant women should aim for at least 30 minutes exercise on at least five days of the week. There are so many good reasons to stay active! Here, leading pregnancy fitness experts FittaMamma tell us why!

‘If you’re suffering from pregnancy niggles such as tiredness, varicose veins, lower back pain, heartburn or swollen ankles you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes to get up off the couch and get moving!  

Giving birth is a very physical process and increasing your fitness levels can make all the difference when it comes to labour, as well as helping to speed up your recovery period.  Exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight gain and most mums who carry on exercising during their pregnancy regain their pre-baby figure much more quickly.

Around one in three women suffer from pre-natal anxiety and depression – the feel good endorphins released when you exercise will help to boost your mood.   And if you’re feeling positive about yourself, you’ll have more energy for your baby too.

What’s more, research has shown that babies born to Mums who exercise are less chubby at birth, learn more quickly and are more likely to embrace the fitness habit themselves as they grow up  – it’s win win all round!’

But if you’re anxious about what’s safe to do and what you should be aware of, FittaMamma have prepared these simple guidelines for safe exercise in pregnancy:

Before you start:

·       Listen to your body – if your workout feels too intense slow down or stop.  Aim to maintain your fitness rather than strive for improvement – it’s not a competition!

·       Carry on talking!  It’s not a good idea to exercise beyond the level where you’re too tired to speak.

·       Make sure you warm up and cool down

·       If you’re not used to exercising build up slowly, maybe 15-20 minutes a day to begin with.

·       Remember to stay hydrated – keep a water bottle handy

·       Stay cool!  Pregnant women can overheat quite easily so exercise outdoors if possible and wear moisture-wicking clothes

·       Dress comfortably.  Stretchy well-fitting exercise clothes that support your bump and breasts - such as the FittaMamma range - are ideal

·       Avoid exercises that involve you lying on your front after the first trimester and avoid lying on your back after 12 weeks

·       Stay fuelled – don’t exercise on an empty stomach and keep a few energy snacks handy -   a banana, dried fruit or nuts are ideal

·       Ask your doctor or midwife before you start any regular exercise routines or if you have any concerns." 


For  more information about safe exercise during pregnancy, exercises for each trimester,  recipes and nutrition in pregnancy and the unique FittaMamma range of supportive maternity fitness wear, visit www.fittamamma.com