Expert Advice On Dealing With Pregnancy Skin

Expert Advice On Dealing With Pregnancy Skin

September 2013

Dull, dry, sensitive skin can be an all too common thing with pregnancy. Like it or not, your skin will change over the nine months and sometimes it needs a helping hand to restore its natural glow.

Pregnancy can also be one of the times in your life that you really stop and think about what you’re putting on and in your body. With one of the purest ingredients policies around, Pai Skincare products provide a luxury regime you can trust.

Sarah Brown is the Founder of Pai Skincare and new mum to Jack, six months. She regularly contributes to leading parenting titles and women’s magazines and truly understands sensitive and problem skin.

Here is Sarah’s advice for looking after and being confident in your skin during pregnancy…

“Pregnancy is a huge change to your body, so unsurprisingly can have a knock on effect on your largest organ – the skin.

I was lucky enough to have glowing skin throughout my pregnancy, but as soon as baby was born the breakouts began!

Whether before or after the birth, here are the three most common ways pregnancy can affect your skin.

1. Breakouts

It’s perfectly normal for women to suffer from irregular breakouts during their pregnancies thanks so those surging hormone levels.

Extra oestregen increases sebum production, making blackheads, spots and breakouts far more likely than usual, particularly around the chin and jawline.

To help rebalance your skin’s oil levels, avoid products with detergents and alcohols as these attack the skin’s protective acid mantle.

If you do one thing for your skin, cleanse correctly – with a gentle cream Cleanser that removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (£25) is ideal.

2. Increased Sensitivity

Even women with the most robust of skin can find it becomes extra sensitive when they fall pregnant.

Have a soothing Cream on hand to help calm skin down if it’s feeling particularly reactive. Chamomile’s a great ingredient as it’s full of anti-inflammatories and also helps reduce redness.

3. Stretch Marks

While most Mums enjoy pregnancy, we’re not always so keen on the souvenirs it leaves behind!

Around 70% of us will develop Stretch Marks as skin stretches beyond its natural ability. However, there is lots you can do to help prevent them and improve their appearance should they pop up.

The most important thing is to keep skin as soft, smooth and supple as possible, as it will be far more elastic. While most people use a Cream or an Oil – in reality a combination of the two is best to optimize hydration and conditioning (Pomeraganate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System, £45).

Diet makes a difference too, so drink plenty of water and up your intake of omega-rich foods like nuts, seeds and oily fish.”

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