Feeling Tired?

Feeling Tired?

September 2013

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Are you experiencing chapped lips, brittle hair, feeling tired constantly and palpitations? These could all be signs you are deficient in iron. This is a common condition amongst pregnant women. This is because your body needs extra iron so your baby has a sufficient blood supply and receives necessary oxygen and nutrients. Your midwife will keep an eye on your iron levels through your blood results, especially after 20 weeks but do look out for the tell-tale signs as severe cases can lead to anaemia.

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A healthy and balanced diet will invariably help your iron levels. So try to eat plenty of lean meat, pulses such as peas and beans, fruit such as prunes and apricots and dark leafy vegetables such as spinach. But sometimes this just isn’t enough.

Even when baby comes, having enough iron is vital for your energy levels. Your midwife may recommend for you to take an iron supplement, which is when Floradix can help. Floradix is a time-tested liquid iron formula which is used by women all over the world.  

Floradix Liquid Iron Formula can support your body’s iron levels – it is suitable for pregnant and nursing mums. It a nutritious food supplement that contains organgluconate, and its easy absorption into the body is enhanced by vitamins C and B complex, herbal extracts and fruit concentrates. The special blend of ingredients in Floradix means that it’s easy to digest and the unpleasant side effects of many iron preparations, such as constipation are avoided.

Floradix is recommended by numerous midwives and health care professionals. What’s more, it’s free from chemical preservatives, colourings and flavourings, and is also available in a yeast, wheat and gluten-free version called Floravital.

Floradix is suitable for vegetarians and Floravital is suitable for vegans. Always consult your GP or midwife before taking a supplement. For more information visit www.salusuk.com.