Good For You Munchies That Spread A Little Joy Along The Way!

Good For You Munchies That Spread A Little Joy Along The Way!

September 2013

Introducing Nākd Fruit and Nut Bars

Want to look better, feel better and help the world? That’s what British food brand Nākd is devoted to doing. They want to promote health, happiness and helpfulness and wow do they do that with their tasty treat bars. What’s more, their yummy fruit and nut bars are perfect for pregnant women as they are nutritious, have nothing artificial in them or any added sugar!

Fruit and nuts on their own can be a little dry, so Nākd ‘smooshed them together’ to create this delightful snack. It really is that simple, on the back of their bars you will see the ingredient list…fruit and nuts. That’s it! One of these bars can also count as one of your five a day and are perfect for vegans too.

With a soft, chewy texture Nākd bars fill you up till your next meal.They aren’t baked either, they have been cold pressed together. If you want to know how this is different to other snacks and cereal bars, check this interesting comparison chart out here.

Not only are their bars bursting full of flavour, but the company is committed to improving people’s health and the environment. Just check out the causes they believe in and support.

They also have some rather delectable Nākd people too! No need to close your eyes, this is a group of people who offer you top tips on health and nutrition. From tennis star Jamie Murray to Olympic medallist Leon Tayler and food journalist Christine Bailey. It’s hard not to listen to what they say.

If that hasn’t filled your appetite then we suggest you watch this video here. It features Founder Jamie Combs and his passion is clear for all to see. What’s more, you can see from this video that even after you’ve had your baby, Nākd can easily be part of your daily diet.

It’s clear to see why they are the best-selling health food bars in the country. Discover them for yourself. Visit join their Facebook and Twitter community now.