Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

March 2014

We are big on breakfast here at Project-B. We like to start the day full of energy and we think a good breakfast is the key. It’s important to keep your blood sugar balanced when you’re pregnant to avoid dizzy spells and those hunger pangs, so we thought we’d share our favourite healthy ways to start the day to see if you like them too!

1. Mashed banana on toast (with a bit of Nutella spread on the toast first if you’re feeling that way inclined!).

2. Good old porridge – this old chestnut is sure to keep you full until lunchtime.  Add a spoon of golden syrup or some fresh fruit for extra flavour. Plus the microwaveable pouches take out all the hassle too.

3.    Fruit smoothie – blitz up a handful of strawberries with a banana and add a dash of milk and you’re all set.

4.    Bran flakes with berries on top – or you can add a handful of raisins if you prefer.

5.    Natural yoghurt and fruit – sprinkle some oats on the top if you want to fill up even more.

6.   Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs – you can’t beat it!