What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag?

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag?

November 2016

It’s the bag we pack months ahead of time but what should we REALLY be packing in that hospital bag of ours? What are the things we really need and which items can we live without? We think we have the perfect guide to packing your bag ready for a new arrival and asking lots of new Mummy bears what they found most useful and which items they could have gladly left at home, we think it’s one you really must read before due day!

Essentials for You:

Hair bobble & Brush – A MUST for keeping flowing locks out of your eyes

Dextrose tablets – keep your energy levels up

2 x Nighties – You will want to change into something fresh when the bubba arrives

Bridget Jones pants – Well, a new mummy needs to be comfy

Face wipes – Keep your skin hydrated and clean

Lippy & cheek stain – Think of the pictures

Dressing gown – To greet the visitors

Nipple cream – First feeds can be painful so go prepared

A going home outfit – Think flowy and comfy for your first Mamma style

Breast pads – Seriously, these are ESSENTIAL

Sanitary pads – Some Mum’s even recommend the full blow sanitary knickers just for ease


Essentials for Baby:

4 x baby grows – Those changes are frequent

A pack of new-born nappies – Yes a pack, you never know

Bottom cream – super new skin needs looking after

Wipes – A first pack of your new must have life essential

Everything you might need if not breast feeding

Hat – time to get the knitting needles out

A going home outfit – Just like Mummy baby needs to look his or her best


Things to leave behind:

The straightening irons – Apparently most of us take them but few of use actually use them

Pages and pages of birth plan – Most Mums say they are skimmed over so keep them short and bullet point the most important elements

Your pre-baby jeans – Seriously take a load off and worry about springing back in 6 months time; now is for you and the baby


Something For Him:

Camera – We all love an Instagram husband but now is going to be his shining photography moment. He needs the best tools possible and a phone camera often isn’t going to cut the mustard with those shaky Dad hands!

A snack – He might eat yours otherwise!


A Touch of the Frivolous:

A mini bottle of Prosecco – It’s been 9 months and you deserve a toast we think!


Have you any other items that you’d add to our list?