Holidaying with your Bump!

Holidaying with your Bump!

May 2014

Many of us consider booking in a getaway before our baby arrives on the scene. Not only does this allow for quality time with your other half, but a final chance to enjoy lie-ins and leisurely mealtimes for a good while!

If you’re thinking of heading abroad, it’s worth chatting to your midwife to check she is happy with your pregnancy health, and to get information on travel advice.

Here at Project-B, we recommend you go to the NHS website: for general advice and information, and you should view your individual airline provider’s details too – for example, here are Monarch’s guidelines:

However, for a quick summary, here are things to consider:

Early pregnancy

·         If you’ve had a problem-free start to your pregnancy there is no reason why you can’t fly during those first 12 weeks.

Later in pregnancy

·         Many airlines say you need to be 34 weeks pregnant or less on your return flight with them.

·         Many airlines want to see a ‘fit to fly’ letter from your GP or midwife from 28 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

At the airport

·        Despite the rumours, x-ray machines and body scanners cannot harm your unborn baby.

During the flight

·         If the flight is more than 5 hours, it’s recommend you wear compression socks to help improve your circulation (you can get these over the counter at pharmacies).

·         Get an aisle seat so you can…

·         Move around as much as possible – take regular walks around the aircraft.

·         Wear loose and comfortable clothing and shoes.

·         Drink lots of water.

·         Take some snacks such as dried fruit.

·         Put your seatbelt under your bump.

Final considerations

·         Do check your travel insurance – it’s likely you’ll need to inform you are pregnant.

·         Speak to your GP or midwife for further advice should you require any vaccinations for your trip.