Is Hypnobirthing for you?

Is Hypnobirthing for you?

July 2014

It is very common for mums-to-be to feel anxious about giving birth. Talking to your midwife and friends and family can help alleviate some concerns. There are things, however, which can help not only throughout your pregnancy but also during labour and childbirth. One of these techniques is hypnobirthing.

Rather than some dodgy stage-act hypnotist who makes you eat onions, hypnobirthing actually puts you in control.  It is about turning any fearful, negative expectations in to positive ones by using certain techniques and thought processes.  In doing so, it can give mums-to-be the confidence to feel in control of their childbirth. It is not about having the perfect pain-free labour (although some people who have used it have said it can help reduce the need for pain relief) but helping you to stay calm and in command as your body naturally does its thing.

Companies such as Natal Hypnotherapy™ have programmes which can be used at home throughout your pregnancy.  They start by helping you to relax through your early stages gradually building up techniques you can use in your labour.  You can search your local area for classes through groups such as and, to name but a few.

Techniques you will enjoy using are:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Visualisation
  • Relaxation
  • Massage your partner can help with

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Recommended by 97% of their listeners, this programme will teach you easy to use and effective skills to help you:

  • Keep relaxed and healthy during pregnancy
  • Overcome fears and increase confidence about birth
  • Feel confident and in control before and during birth
  • Reduce and manage the pain of birth
  • Recover quickly and effectively from birth, reducing your chances of postnatal depression