It’s Definitely A Boy! Old Wives Tales for Predicting The Sex of Your Baby

It’s Definitely A Boy! Old Wives Tales for Predicting The Sex of Your Baby

November 2013



Not sure if it’s a little boy or girl you are carrying? Really the only accurate way to find out is a gender test from your doctor, however guessing can be lots of fun! Try our list of classic old wives tales for predicting the sex of your baby and discover whether they can predict if you’ve got ‘sugar and spice’ or ‘snips and snails’ coming your way!


Are you high or low? This well-known wives tale says that if you are carrying your bump high it is a little girl and if you are carrying it low it is a little boy. Where is your extra weight? Rumour has it, if your extra weight is all at the front it is a little boy. If you’ve got extra padding on your hips and thighs, you’ve got a little girl on the way!


How do you look? Are you glowing and feeling better than ever now you are pregnant? You could be expecting a little boy! If you feel you’re not looking all that great, it’s a little girl as she has stolen all your looks!


Try the ‘ring swing’- Attach your wedding ring to a piece of string and hang it over your bump. If it swings in circles you have got a little boy on the way on the way and if it swings backwards and forwards it’s a little girl.


How is your baby’s heart beat? If it is under 140 beats per minute, it is a boy. If it’s over that- you’re expecting a girl! 


What are your cravings? If you’re craving lots of sweet things- get ready for a little girl! If it’s salty and sour things you are craving then expect a little boy.


Got the morning sickness blues? If you got morning sickness early on in your pregnancy its actually pink you should be preparing for! If you haven’t had any morning sickness then it’s a little boy.


What is the condition of your skin? Is your skin feeling a little dry? It’s a boy! However if your skin is feeling silky smooth and soft expect a baby girl.


Even or odd- Try this old Mayans method. What age were you when you conceived? And what year is your baby due to be born in? If both are even or odd- it’s a girl. If one is even and one is odd it’s a boy!


The Breast Test! Have you got one breast larger than the other? If it’s your left one- expect a little girl and if it’s your right one then it’s a boy. Though this old tale does leave something for us to ponder over- what are you expecting if your breasts are the same size?! 


Try out some of these old wives tales and let us know what they predict!