What to Expect Before You Start Nesting!

What to Expect Before You Start Nesting!

August 2015

Everyone has heard of nesting, a word which calls to mind the image of a manic, heavily pregnant woman furiously scrubbing a skirting board. But less commonly discussed is the way your relationship with your home and housework changes even from early pregnancy.

When I look back on the first few weeks of my pregnancy there were two clear signs that my little one had come along at last. Firstly, and most obviously, there were the changes in my chest. Nothing says first trimester like clutching your breasts and hissing through your teeth because your other half has accidentally elbowed you, or for that matter waking up in the night because you’ve rolled on to your front and the pain has shocked you awake! The second and more surprising symptom was developing what can only be described as a super human sense of smell. I swear, if the milk in the work fridge was off I could tell the moment I walked into the kitchen!

As Heidi Murkoff puts it in the bible that is What to Expect When You’re Expecting “your nose knows” that you are pregnant and the bad news is it can be the key contributor to causing nausea. Your new heightened sense of smell may cause you to adopt some new habits when it comes to cleaning your home. If you normally subscribe to the theory that a little dirt does you good and that best before dates are really more of a serving suggestion, you may be surprised to find yourself scrubbing the kitchen sink and ruthlessly binning the contents of the fridge two days after the big shop. On the other hand, if your usual cleaning habits rival those of Kim and Aggie you might find that the smell of cleaning fluids you usually love suddenly turn your stomach. If this is the case for you consider switching to cleaning with microfibre. Spontex sell a range of Microfibre kits for each area of the home which work effectively just with water. These clever cloths have thousands of contact points with any surface they touch, which enables them to lift away dirt, grease and 99% of bacteria without using a single chemical, a better cleaning solution for both your home and your sensitive senses!

The other reason you might find yourself wanting to avoid cleaning chemicals is your increasing awareness of the pollutants your body is exposed to. You’re dodging smokers like they’re literally on fire, shunning alcohol, and only eating two portions of oily fish a week for fear of overloading on mercury, so it’s not surprising that breathing in the fumes of a cleaning fluid with a massive poisonous logo on the bottle suddenly seems a very bad idea! But there are alternatives out there. A plant based cleaning fluid like YOU is an ideal solution for those who want a home which smells as fresh as it looks, without coating it in toxins. YOU produce Kitchen, Bathroom and Window sprays as well as an All Purpose cleaner which kills 99.999% of bacteria, you can’t get much cleaner than that! Better still as their formulas are biodegradable, the fluids are just as safe for the environment as they are for you!

An important thing to remember with all the above advice is that it’s designed to help you create a home environment that’s comfortable for you. The thing is when you’re getting on with the important business of growing a baby what might make you most comfortable at home is doing nothing at all, particularly in that exhausting first trimester! Remember, you’ve got plenty of time to get the house in order before little one arrives, so if you want to let a little dust collect while you put your feet up, binge watch One Born and renew your friendship with Ben and Jerry that’s just fine too! Better still, if you’re really lucky, your other half might bring the ice-cream to you whilst he’s going past with the vacuum!