Kind To Mum, Kind To Baby

Kind To Mum, Kind To Baby

September 2013

Meet The New Nutritional Brand That Looks After You Both

Being pregnant is one of the most vital times to make sure you are taking on the right foods and vitamins. It can also be a time when quite frankly, it can be difficult to do this!  Feelings of tiredness, sickness and juggling all of your other commitments can really take their toll.  Thanks to Mumkind, it is now easier than ever to take on those all-important nutrients without missing out on great taste or convenience. Each product meets a real need designed to help you during this most important time of life.

Introducing, Mumkind: healthy mum, happy baby.

Started by a passionate dad (after seeing his wife try to do a thousand and one things during pregnancy whilst still trying to look after herself), Mumkind has a whole host of experts on board including leading pregnancy nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire (PhD RNutr) and Dot Parry a Midwife of 13 years and NCT teacher for more than 20!.  All this means Mumkind is a company that really understands and nurtures expectant mums.

Mumkind’s range of products is designed to follow you on your pregnancy journey.

Start off with the ‘Ginger Me Baby’ lozenges. These little lozenges are presented in discrete clear wrappers, designed to be popped in a handbag or pocket.  They are a saviour for mums-to-be whether its morning, noon or night!  

The Mumkind Water Our Way product is genius. The little bottle looks tiny but it contains more than enough for 10 drinks. You just add a squeeze to water for a great berry taste to help you drink more water, it not only helps keeps you hydrated but the blend of B vitamins help reduce tiredness & fatigue (and who doesn’t need that!).
With 0 calories, 0 carbs and 0 artificial colours or flavours it is a guilt free drink that you can use to enhance water at home, at work - or when out and about.

Mumkind Bump to Baby pregnancy nutrition bars are a delicious, healthier alternative to oh so tempting treats.  With 25% RDA of ALL the key nutrients that are essential & only half the calories of a standard chocolate bar, think of them like nutritional insurance for a healthy mum-to-be or busy new super mum.

A wonderful range offering help to eat healthy during pregnancy in a different way, why not check out this brilliant brand, visit