Lin & Leo show us handbag style doesn’t have to end when you have a baby

Lin & Leo show us handbag style doesn’t have to end when you have a baby

August 2013

If you’ve enjoyed and perhaps indulged in some beautiful handbags over the last few years, you may feel a slight twinge of horror, now that you’re pregnant, that you’ll have to give way to functionality over fashion! But there’s no need to worry, gone are the days of plain and boring changing bags and there are many available that offer both style and practicality.

One that stands out is the BabyBag from Lin & Leo. Founded in 2003 by two style-savvy mothers, Linda and Leonora, who had the idea for a handbag that combined a fashionable, gorgeous design with the practical everyday realities of carrying all the paraphernalia a baby needs!


Since then, they now offer the BabyBag in six sumptuous colours, from a subtle black to vibrant red and turquoise, all in luxurious leather, with matching linings and accessories. 


There are many features which make the BabyBag a must-have including two large magnetic front pockets and two wide deep zip pockets (front and back) on the outer. And three large pockets and two bottle pockets inside. Also included is a wipe-clean changing mat which folds neatly inside. The bag is perfectly placed to carry your baby’s feeding and changing essentials, as well as all of yours!


You simply must check out their new colours, the Chocolate Brown and Limited Edition Royal Blue. Gorgeous!


The only problem with Lin & Leo is that you won’t want to stop using it once your babies have grown. But don’t worry, it’s so beautiful and subtle no-one will ever know it was once full of nappies…


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Good luck!