Meet the Project-B Expert – One Born Every Minute's Midwife Gemma Raby

Meet the Project-B Expert – One Born Every Minute's Midwife Gemma Raby

September 2013

Project-B is thrilled to welcome its latest expert, none other than Channel Four’s One Born Every Minute midwife Gemma Raby BHSc (hon) RM.

Gemma joins us whilst working as midwife at Leeds General Infirmary, where she speaks with hundreds of pregnant women every week.  Here Gemma tells us about being a midwife, the phenomenon of One Born Every Minute and her excitement to be involved with Project-B.

“Working as a midwife is an amazingly privileged position to be in. I love being a part of a family’s most important day; the birth of their baby. I work on the assessment unit as well as delivery suite which means the work is always varied. I routinely provide reassurance to women experiencing any anxieties about their pregnancy and although it can be very intense, being part of the labour experience is like no other job!  You have to become someone’s best friend in such a short space of time.  Often you might not have many common interests, but it’s important that the woman you are caring for trusts you, so she can tell you her feelings or concerns, and also feels safe to take any advice if it’s sought. It's a time of pain, joy, fear and mostly fulfilment and being able to guide a woman through that process is constantly rewarding.

I was fortunate enough to be working at a hospital where the third and fourth series of One Born Every Minute were filmed. During the filming our work wasn't any different; the cameras were remote controlled so there were no camera crews hanging around. It's fantastic to receive such positive feedback from viewers since it aired. Women often tell us that just seeing the Unit and staff where they hope to deliver has been enough to make them feel more relaxed about any hospital visits and eventually their labour.

Being part of One Born has also given me opportunities I feel I wouldn't otherwise have had. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a guest speaker at three of The Baby Shows; I also recently came back from a trip to Liberia in West Africa with Save The Children to help promote their Build it for Babies campaign. I was able to meet health professionals and women to hear about their experiences and how things have already improved with funding but also how much more work there is to do.

During pregnancy women often devote a lot of time and energy to preparing for the birth and then the important arrival of their new baby, and sometimes this means that taking the time to look after their wellbeing along the way can get put to one-side. Project-B offers expectant mums invaluable information on a variety of subjects from maternity clothing, to safe exercise in pregnancy and to maintaining a healthy balanced diet, whilst also giving access to pregnancy related items from household products, healthy snacks and skin care. It makes the progression through pregnancy an involved, educated process and as it’s delivered to your door – it’s a lovely monthly pre-baby treat too. I’m delighted to be part of Project-B and look forward to helping even more mums through their pregnancy journey.”