Mocktails for a swinging party season

Mocktails for a swinging party season

November 2014

Being pregnant at Christmas may mean bypassing the fizz, the plus side is you get to be smug and fresh faced the morning after! No alcohol doesn’t mean no fun – so don’t be left sipping a fizzy water. If you’re out at a place that serves cocktails – the chances are they will serve a ‘Mocktail’ or too – and if not – ask the barman to create you one! If you’re hosting a festive bash, here are a few you can make yourself.

Orange and Cranberry Fizz

500ml orange juice

500ml cranberry juice

400ml sparkling elderflower

Directions: Just mix!


Apple Ginger Sparkler

200ml ginger syrup

1 litre sparkling apple juice

6 cinnamon sticks

6 pieces of crystalised ginger

Directions: Place the ginger syrup in six glasses, fill with ice cubes, pour in the sparkling apple juice, garnish with fresh ginger and cinnamon sticks.


Bluberry ‘Mohito’

8 mint leaves

15ml fresh lime juice

15ml pure cane sugar

85ml Ocean Spray blueberry juice drink

Soda water to taste

Put mint in base of tall glass and squash (a bit), add lime juice, sugar syrup and half blueberry juice, fill half way with ice and stir. Add remaining ice, rest of juice and add soda water to taste.


As always our trusty BB Good Food website has a guide to the festive season, including non-alcoholic drink ideas.