Morning Sickness Breakfast Busters

Morning Sickness Breakfast Busters

December 2014

Morning sickness can be a symptom of pregnancy affecting most women in their first trimester. It can be a case of trial and error with which foods are going to be tummy friendly for you; however it is important to try to stick to well-balanced and nutritious meals and snacks with plenty of slow releasing ingredients. These will keep you feeling fuller for longer, whilst keeping your energy levels high and you feeling at your best (as much as you can be during this time!)

If you’re stuck for some delicious breakfast ideas on how to start your day, then look no further and carry on reading for our morning sickness busting planner…

Greek yogurt and fruit topping

For a simple and fresh start to your day, try a few spoons of Greek yogurt and some fruit to top. Banana, berries or dried apricots? Whichever combination is your favourite!

Egg and soldiers

Having a good balance of protein and complex carbohydrates will ensure slow releasing energy throughout the morning. Try wholemeal soldiers and boiled eggs. Ensure your eggs are well cooked – both the white and the yolk. The wholemeal bread will supply you with plenty of B Vitamins too. If eggs are making you feel a little queasy, then try spreading some simple nut butter (almond or cashew) on your toast as an alternative.   

Jumbo porridge oats

For a real fibre boost first thing, why not try some jumbo porridge oats with some tasty toppings. We love honey and mixed nuts! Or perhaps dried fig with a handful of seeds?

Brioche topped with Greek Yogurt and sliced fruit

For the mums who prefer something sweet first thing, toast a brioche bun, spread with Greek yogurt and top with sliced fruit such as fig or banana. This is a great balance and packed with calcium and potassium.     

Peach and Ginger Smoothie

If you prefer a more on-the-go breakfast, why not make up a smoothie the night before that you can sip slowly as you get ready in the morning, or for when you are out and about. Peach and ginger is a great, vitamin packed choice which is perfect for a sensitive stomach with the ginger helping to alleviate that pesky nausea.

Low blood sugar can be the cause of morning sickness so it is important to try to eat little and often to help stabilise these levels. For some women eating may be the last thing they feel like doing, but even grazing on something small first thing can help overcome the nausea and get your day off to an energy bound start.    


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