Nesting Advice from Expert Heather!

Nesting Advice from Expert Heather!

December 2014

This week’s blog is from Project-B’s very own Nesting Expert – Heather Mitchell from Mapa Spontex. Heather says: “I’m guessing that at some point during your pregnancy a well meaning aunt or colleague will watch you carry your mug out to the kitchen and say “Ooh, look at you! Nesting!” and you’ll think no actually, just tidying up like I normally do! It’s funny how people treat you differently once you’re pregnant isn’t it?!

The first and most important thing to say on the subject of nesting is that it doesn’t happen to everyone! So if you make it full term without having experienced a powerful urge to check all the dates on the tins in the cupboards, or bellowing at someone for tracking dirt across a floor that you’ve lovingly cleaned, don’t worry, that’s completely normal!

For those who do experience the urge to nest it will probably happen at around week 38 – 39. Around this time your body is producing extra adrenaline and you may experience an overwhelming need to put it to use! Nesting can take many forms, some mums to be can become preoccupied with organising, and making sure everything is in its place. You may find you check your hospital bag several times and perhaps unpack and repack it more than once! Others find themselves looking at their homes with new eyes and, imagining their new baby there, set to work scouring it from top to bottom.

If you’ve been struck by the urge to nest here are three key areas you can tackle:


Now is a great time to have a little clear out. Don’t be rash, particularly when it comes to clothes, just because it doesn’t fit right now doesn’t mean it never will again! If you love it, keep it! But there are definitely things you can wave a fond farewell to. Start small with your junk drawer, those batteries are dead, you know they are, throw them away! Another deeply satisfying task is going on an expiry date hunt. Seek out and dispose of any medicines or food stuffs which are past their use by date, they’re no good to you and you’ll be delighted by the amount of space you’ll free up!


The nesting phase is a great opportunity to do a big favour to yourself! Spend some time on preparation now and your future self will be eternally grateful. Firstly if there’s an achievable job that you’ve been putting off, now is the time to deal with it! If there’s a laundry pile mounting or a collection of things with no home taking up residence up on the coffee table tackle it now, you’ll be glad later!

Another great preparatory task is batch cooking. Make large batches of family favourites such as bolognese, curry or chilli then freeze in individual portions. That way when baby arrives you can always be sure of a nutritious meal prepared just as you like it. It’ll save you from the temptation and cost of takeaways and free you up to spend more time with your gorgeous new arrival.


Now that you have a little one on the way you might be beginning to reconsider some of your household habits and also the products you have been using to clean your home. With such precious cargo on board you can suddenly become aware just how unpleasant it is to be coating your house with chemicals, and breathing them in while you do it! Consider switching to a more friendly cleaning fluid such as YOU. YOU household sprays have a 100% plant based formula and so are safe for you, your family and your eagerly awaited arrival. Better still it’s ultra effective, saving you valuable time and energy!

The nesting phrase is a time to clean smarter. Try to choose cleaning tools which will work hard for you! Spontex produce a great range of products to make cleaning better, quicker and easier.  Microfibre cloths are a great choice and can be used to clean everything from worktops to windows. Each cloth is made up of thousands of tiny fibres which grab on to dirt and hold on to it enabling you to clean once and clean well! Spontex also produce a wide range of reusable and disposable gloves. During your pregnancy you may find it reassuring to wear Food Contact Gloves whilst handling potentially risky food like raw meat. In fact, all household tasks can be made more hygienic by protecting yourself with re-usable gloves. Those hands will soon be cradling the most important person in your world, they deserve a little TLC!


With all of these tips it’s important to bear in mind your wellbeing. It’s no good exhausting yourself for the sake of a tidy bathroom cabinet! Remember, doing little tasks often will satisfy your need to be productive without exhausting you. Also it goes without saying, but don’t take on too much physically, particularly clambering on top of things and lifting! I’m sure lots of your friends and family have said “If there’s anything I can do…” now is the time to take them up on the offer!