'Nesting' the Eco-friendly Way

'Nesting' the Eco-friendly Way

September 2013

Getting your house prepared for your new arrival without the chemicals

When you reach the later stages of pregnancy, it’s very common to find yourself in ‘nesting’ mode – getting everything clean and tidy for your precious new arrival.  Many mums-to-be say they can be found in their rubber gloves scrubbing skirting boards and backs of cupboards at all times of day and night!  It is this type of preparation which often helps mum feel ready for her baby’s birth.

It’s easy to reach for the usual tried and test household products when it comes to cleaning, but there have been recent reports highlighting the risks associated with day-to-day exposure to chemicals during pregnancy http://news.sky.com/story/1099526/pregnant-women-warned-of-chemical-exposure.

This type of information has left some mums looking for alternatives.  Introducing Planet Earth eco2life! 

eco2life is a new range of cleaning products which are effective yet kind.  They contain no Silicate or Caustics, no Petroleum Solvents, no Parabens , no Phosphates, and are Chlorine Free with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Each products comes with a unique refill and reuse system. To make a bottle of eco2life cleaner, you fill a spray bottle about half full of ordinary tap water, simply add one ‘small wonder’ refill to the spray bottle and top up with cold tap water. Replace the trigger, give it a quick shake – then you’re all set to go.  The spray trigger is designed for a long life and our spray bottles are reusable.

The beauty of eco2life is that the products work to an extremely high standard, so the eco nature doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your clean. What’s more eco2life is made in the UK using naturally derived readily biodegradable aquatic safe ingredients.  All the packaging is biodegradable – of course!

eco2life has a fast-growing fan base, with families across the UK turning to this eco-friendly option.  In fact, many people have christened eco2life ‘The Mean Green Clean’!

Check it out for yourself at: http://www.myeco2life.com.