New Car Seat Regulations Uncovered

New Car Seat Regulations Uncovered

August 2014

You’ve probably heard that the car seat regulations are changing here in the UK? i-Size (or ECE R129) is what you need to be looking for in car seats for newborns to children aged up to four years or 18kg, it is the latest development to ensure your child is as safe as possible when travelling in a car.

What does i-size mean?

It will be mandatory for you to have your child rearward facing up to 15 months instead of the minimum of weight of 9kg which the EU previously advised from 2018 and the current regulations will run alongside i-size until then.

It also implements the first ever side impact standardised testing requirements, providing better all-over protection in a collision. *This sits alongside safety campaigns which reveal tests showing children are significantly safer when travelling rearward facing for as long as possible.

Discover the Joie™ i-AnchorSafe™ System

Joie has developed the i-AnchorSafe™ System with i-Size.Designed using the most sensitive crash test dummies, the i-AnchorSafe™ System carries the Joie™ philosophy to rear-face for longer to ensure the safest way to travel. The i-AnchorFIX® base, when used along with the i-Anchor® child seat meets and exceeds the new i-Size standard allowing rearward travel up to approximately 4 years.

A great way for your child to travel

The iAnchorFIX® base, offering a quick install with either ISOFIX or a vehicle seat belt and provides a rock solid installation with a unique 7-position on-the-go recline for maximum comfort. It accepts both the Joie Gemm and Joie Juva infant carriers and the i-Anchor® rearward and forward facing child seat  The i-Anchor® child seat features exclusive multi-layered memory foam to give three layers of protection to the head during impact, while deep padded sides shield little ones.  It includes a customisable insert which adds security for the smallest users.  The removable layers of infant support offers a custom fit for any sized child and the multi-height position headrest and five point safety harness adjust simultaneously requiring no re-threading of the harness. The inner shell is steel reinforced, keeping the seat strong and resilient during impact, and the rebound bar offers added safety in rearward facing travel. It can be switched from rearward to forward facing with a quick single-button activation.


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