Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower

December 2013

Hosting a baby shower? From invites, to games, to party favours- there’s lots to organise! Follow Project B’s guidelines on planning the perfect shower below.


When is best to host the shower?


Most mums-to-be will appreciate a baby shower later on in their pregnancy when she can be sure everything is going well.  It is also a good idea to make sure the important guests will be able to make it (such as the grandparents-to-be) before setting the date.


Where should the baby shower be held?


Many baby showers are held at the host's house, or if the weather is nice - in the garden.  It's often nice for the mum-to-be if it's not at her house; the last thing she will want to do while she is heavily pregnant is tidy up after a party!  However if you have got a lot of guests coming it could be worth your while hiring out a venue such as the local community hall.


Should there be a theme?


Whether you keep it simple or go all out, having a theme makes the party more festive. What would your mum-to-be love? For a bit of nostalgia, go for something like childhood fairy tales, Winnie the Pooh or Beatrix Potter. Or just keep it simple and go for a baby theme.  Hang little baby booties, nappies and bottles on pegs around the room - this is great as the decoration can double up as gifts too!  Whatever the theme try and incorporate it into every aspect of the party from the invites, napkins, games and party favours.   


What kind of invitations is best?


Traditional invitations by post are nice, but email invitations can work well, especially if you need to get them out quickly.  It’s best to send the invites out a few weeks in advance so guests have got plenty of notice.  Make sure you have all the basic information on there - whose baby shower it is, the date of the shower, the time they should arrive, where it will be held and any RSVP instructions.  It is also nice to state the theme on the invite so the guests can bring gifts to tie in if they want to.


What food and drink should the party have?


Food that everyone can help themselves to works well as it keeps it nice and relaxed.  So think buffet food such as salad and pastas, or finger food such as sandwiches and vegetable/fruit sticks.  Also ensure you take into consideration the pregnancy dietary requirements, see our previous blog on foods to avoid in pregnancy for advice on this.  

If you can tie the food in with the theme- perfect!  For example if you have a vintage tea party theme, think cupcakes and pots of tea.  


Should there be games or activities at the shower?


There are some really fun games out there to play at the shower.  It’s a great idea to have some games - it’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and relax!  Here are a few of our favourites below:


  • Guess the baby- Get everyone to bring along a photo of themselves as a baby (ensure to note it on the invite!).  Assign a number to each photo and have everyone guess which photo corresponds with each guest.  Give a prize to the guest who gets the most right.

  • Guess the size of the bump- Have every guest say how big they think the mum-to-be bump is (in cm or inches).  Then measure the bump with a tape measure and whoever is the closest wins a prize.

  • When will your baby be born? - Buy little plastic babies and freeze them in ice cubes.  When your guest arrives, give them a glass of water each with the ice cube in them. They have to guess how long it will take for their baby to ‘arrive’ (until all the ice has melted away), the person who is most accurate wins a prize!   


What favours should I give?


You won’t want to spend too much money on party favours, so we suggest get creative.  Bake (or buy) some baby themed cookies, a tie them in some cellophane with ribbon. Save some baby-food jars and fill them with sweets or take some inspiration from nature and give your guests some gypsophila (baby’s breath) seeds to take home.


These tips will ensure the shower is a memorable experience for all the guests and most importantly mum-to-be! Happy Planning.