Pregnancy Diary #1

Pregnancy Diary #1

June 2015

We love a good pregnancy story and so when one of our ambassadors from 2014, Chelle, announced her 3rd pregnancy earlier this year we knew we wanted her to share her tales with us. Here she is with her regular monthly column where she'll be sharing live as a busy mum of two while rocking her latest bump.

When we found out we were pregnant for the third time it came as a bit of a shock. Yes we'd taken chances but after a struggle to get pregnant a second time it was the last thing that crossed our mind. Of course we've settled in now and the shock has worn off so we are on that lovely second trimester where nausea has started to wear off and I'm hoping at some point my locks will be super lush.

I have a five year gap between pregnancy one and two so this pregnancy is bringing more challenges. Last year my daughter was in nursery 2 days a week and life was really flexible. Now she's in school and I have a ten month old who is constantly learning to do new things that brings a certain element of challenge. He's too young for nursery and to be honest he's still my baby.

Every baby brings its joys and challenges and I'm sure number three will be no different but for now I leave with a few bump photos from week 4 to 14 and sign off until next month!