Pregnancy niggles and how to solve them

Pregnancy niggles and how to solve them

May 2014

Some women sail through their pregnancies without any issues, but for most of us, pregnancy brings with it a whole host of new symptoms we’ve never experienced before! Here at Project-B we recommend you speak to your midwife or GP with any health concerns, however, it can be helpful to know you’re not alone when it comes to pregnancy niggles!

Itchy Skin

20% of women experience itchy skin during their pregnancy. This can be hormone related or due to the skin being stretched – especially over your growing bump. Keeping your skin moisturised can help with this but as always, speak to your midwife if you’re concerned.


This horrible feeling of acid in your food pipe can be prompted by hormonal changes (particularly in later pregnancy) or your growing womb pressing on your stomach. You can buy remedies over the counter which are safe to use in pregnancy, but it’s always best to check with the pharmacist or your midwife.


Whether it’s vivid dreams or needing the loo, there’s nothing worse than feeling tired but not being able to sleep. This is particularly common in pregnancy.  Try winding down to bedtime with soak in the bath or by reading a book, so you are nice and relaxed. If that doesn’t work, you’re best getting up and doing something rather than lying there wide awake. Do something boring like the ironing, read a book or catch up on some rubbish TV and then try going to bed again.

Restless legs

25% of women suffer with this during pregnancy.  And it’s something Project-B’s Founder Amber can totally relate to from her pregnancies!  Restless Leg Syndrome is a creeping, niggling feeling in your legs when you lie in bed (usually just as you’re nodding off) which leaves you with the overwhelming urge to move your legs.  No-one really knows why it occurs, but it’s worth speaking to your midwife as it could be a sign of a nutrient deficiency.

Needing to loo


Ahh, the pregnant woman’s nemesis! Needing the loo a lot in pregnancy is due to the pregnancy hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which increases the blood flow to your kidneys to help them work more efficiently to rid your body (and eventually your baby’s waste) from your body. There is no way to avoid this – you just have to go with it!