Pregnancy nutrition & hydration in one simple bottle Introducing WaterBaby®

Pregnancy nutrition & hydration in one simple bottle Introducing WaterBaby®

September 2013

Chances are, now you’ve found out you are expecting, you’ve cut down on some of the drinks you were having before, so tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and fruit juice may all be a thing of the past.  Keeping hydrated during pregnancy can be tough, especially in those first few months. Fear not, there is a new drink on the block and it’s been created especially for pregnant women! 

It’s called WaterBaby. Not only does it hydrate you, it contains folic acid so if you are someone who doesn’t like to swallow pills or would simply prefer to take a 2-in-1 approach, WaterBaby is the drink for you. The refreshing drink also contains zinc, calcium and B vitamins that promote fetal development.


WaterBaby was recently awarded ‘Best New Maternity Innovation’ by Loved By Parents and now has thousands of fans across the UK.

Here, Anna from the award-winning brand shares with us why she created WaterBaby and how she is bursting with pride at hydrating a nation currently experiencing a baby boom.  

“Pregnancy is truly amazing. After the birth of our baby we can officially vouch for that. But in my experience with all things positive there often comes a negative, and in my case we are talking morning sickness, and rather a lot of it!

You see as a proud, first time mum-to-be I pledged to do all that I possibly could to protect and nourish the little miracle growing at ever increasing speed inside me, and I figured that during those all-important 'early days' my top priority should be taking daily folic. 

Unfortunately, therein lay my problem, and is why WaterBaby all started. You see I'm not sure if it was because this was my first pregnancy, or because I was a prime suffer of the ever famous 'baby brain', but boy did I underestimate the woes of morning sickness. In fact it got so bad, that with the combination of persistent nausea and fluctuating eating habits, I was barely able to look at a folic acid tablet, let alone keep one down.

Thinking that this must be a hugely common problem, we all remembering how we found out about Kate and William were expecting, I began scouring the shelves, (in vain I might add), for a more palatable alternative. I really couldn't believe that there was no substitute out there and found this rather worrying.

With problems persisting and morning sickness showing no signs of dwindling, I was really beginning to wonder how on earth I was going to resolve this. After continually relaying these worries to my husband we began considering ways in which women could consume their essential daily vitamins, but in a more comfortable way.

Then one day, whilst sipping a bottle of water (my staple pregnancy essential!) it suddenly dawned on me - drink them! From there, with the help of a team of highly skilled, and very patient food scientists WaterBaby was born, literally!

WaterBaby provides a simple, combined way for women to secure hydration, essential nutrients and most importantly the recommended daily allowance of folic acid, which we all know is essential throughout early pregnancy, and is also imperative during pre-conception when the need for this vitamin is paramount.

WaterBaby is flavoured with a slight hint of citrus, which is great at helping to quench feelings of nausea and also leaves you feeling refreshed. I found it very helpful during those never ending night feeds!

It's great for us to have been able to turn our own experiences into a functional product, which helps other women in a situation, that however uncomfortable and trying is in retrospective so very dear to our hearts.”

If you can relate to this story, or are simply looking for a new refreshing way to take your vitamins, why not pay a visit to the WaterBaby website and try some for yourself.