Relaxation Tips and Ideas

Relaxation Tips and Ideas

May 2014

There is so much to take in, read, order, buy, plan when you’re pregnant it can be easy to forget to savour the time. One thing many pregnant mums find it hard to do is to make time to relax – especially second time mums. Here Project-B links with Maggie Howell, Director of Intuition Un Ltd, the award-winning publishers of Natal Hypnotherapy™ audio CDs and books, to give you relaxation tips and advice.

Maggie says:

Research shows that women who routinely take time to consciously relax during their pregnancy have better births and calmer babies. However it is not always so easy, especially in the early months of pregnancy when you may not have told anyone you are pregnant, or you are still working flat out or have a toddler to care for!  So here are some top tips to help you take the time to relax and make sure that you are looking after both yours and your baby’s welfare:

1.     How do you know when you are relaxed? What do you notice about your thoughts and how you feel? By being aware of these you can begin to notice when you are not relaxed and so make steps to change that.

2.     If you are getting stressed about something, think – can I change it right now? And if not then just let it go and don’t let it get to you.  If you can change it then take action rather than get stressed. If you find yourself worrying about something in the future, think – will worrying about it change the outcome? And if not then write it down which allows you to again, let it go.

3.     Think of a time or a place that you felt really relaxed, happy and calm – take a 5 minute break from your daily routine  - close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and practice going there in your mind so you feel, see, and hear things as if you are actually there.

4.     If you feel tense or stressed, take a deep breathe, circle then drop your shoulders, relax your hands and think about your special relaxing place for a moment or two.


5.     Listen to a relaxation or hypnosis CD twice a week – it can be a really positive antidote to the stresses of daily life.