Summer Fruits Smoothie? Yes Please! Be Inspired With the Super Drinks For Pregnancy Book

Summer Fruits Smoothie? Yes Please! Be Inspired With the Super Drinks For Pregnancy Book

September 2013

Remember the sensation of trying a new drink? The way your taste buds suddenly come alive! An ‘ooo this is different’ or ‘wow, I didn’t think I would like that’. You can get that feeling time and time again with this fantastic book which is full of nutritious recipes to create tasty teas, smoothies and soups.

The first few months of pregnancy can be tough and it is important to stay hydrated. This book will have you positively glowing with its recipes rich in super foods. Don’t think you will be slaving away for hours on end in the kitchen either as most of the recipes take just minutes to create. Take the Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie; it requires only three ingredients, a blender and a glass, it’s that easy. And, it is brilliant for boosting energy, is high in vitamin C and a good source of fibre.

That is why this book is so good…yes there are general books on smoothies out there but this has been specially created for expectant mums. It tells you exactly what each drink contains, why it is good for you and which pregnancy problems it can ease. So, if you are nauseous, try the Pineapple & Ginger Smoothie or if you want a low GI option (maybe because you’ve developed gestational diabetes), go for the Grape, Pineapple and Banana Smoothie.

If you are missing your pre-pregnancy drinks at the pub or want something nice to go with a meal, then the Clementini is a must-try, There are a selection of non-alcoholic party drinks that are glamorous and again, you guessed it….delicious!

This book is ideal for helping you achieve your five servings of fruit and veg and day and for making you feel refreshed, hydrated and happy with what you are putting in your body especially when your appetite is small as is so often the case with pregnancy. It’s written by Fiona Wilcock, MSc PGCE RPHNutr, a nutrition consultant (formerly scientist) who provides technical advice and recipes for the likes of Marks & Spencer, Good Housekeeping and Babylicious. With over 100 recipes to choose from you’ll never get bored.

If all this hasn’t been enough to tickle those taste buds then there is one other thing you should know. Super Drinks For Pregnancy is published by Carroll & Brown who specialise in pregnancy and parenting books. Among their titles are the best-selling Your New Pregnancy Bible, Baby Massage andWatch Me Grow, so it’s clear to see that nurturing mums-to-be and their babies is their passion

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