The Ten Essential Newborn Baby Buys

The Ten Essential Newborn Baby Buys

February 2014

From the minute you find out you’re pregnant, to the time baby arrives, there is always something to think about! And one of those key things is what do I need to buy? Not only that but why? And when? With so much advice and information out there, it can be very confusing.

That is why Project-B has its own resident Baby Shopping Expert – author and journalist Liat Hughes Joshi.  If you subscribe to Project-B boxes, you will also see the Shopping Ideas cards inside each box, with advice and information from Liat relating to your specific month of pregnancy.  We are also now delighted to have Liat’s entire book ‘What To Buy For Your Baby’ in Project-B’s Box 3 worth £12.99! So help is definitely on hand!

Whilst you will no doubt have lots you’d like to purchase before D-day, there are actually only a few items which Liat says are absolute essentials for your newborn (although plenty of others are nice to have or will make life easier).  Here are the essentials:

  1. Clothing basics – newborn body suits, sleepsuits, socks, hats, cardigans and bibs.
  2. Nappies! – 2-3 packs of newborn nappies to see you through the first week or so.
  3. Changing bag or equivalent (any decent sized bag will do) – for when you want to leave the house!
  4. Appropriate sleeping place – moses basket, carry cot, crib or cot.
  5. Bedding – for the above, so mattress protector, sheets and blankets. Or a newborn-size baby sleeping bag.
  6. Cotton wool – for cleaning your newborn.
  7. Muslin squares – amazing multipurpose cloths.
  8. Breast pads – whether you’re breastfeeding or not, you will need these initially.
  9. Baby bottles, formula and a steriliser – if you plan to bottle feed from birth.
  10. Group 0+ car seat – legally required if you plan to drive your baby anywhere (with the journey home from hospital, if you went in, being the first journey).

Let us know on our Facebook page if you have questions you’d like to ask Liat about shopping for your baby. If enough people write in, we’ll look to set up a monthly (or so) Facebook Q&A so you can quiz our expert Liat on a regular basis

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