The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

September 2016

The day you conceive your baby is the day that you become a Mother but sometimes, especially the first time around, it’s hard to imagine there’s an actual baby growing inside you. Often we experience no symptoms whatsoever and for those of us who aren’t dogged with tiredness and morning sickness it can be hard to notice any changes at all.

It might not be until those first fluttery movements that we can truly feel our pregnancy but when will that happen? And what does it feel like? There’s lots of questions us Mums have about when and how we’ll notice those first kicks but most people say it feels like butterflies in the tummy.

Experts say we should expect to feel movement between 16 and 24 weeks but this can be different for every woman and if this is not your first pregnancy you may feel them sooner rather than later. This is not to say you will definitely have to wait if you are a first timer; one Project-B lady remembers feeling her first baby move as early as 14 weeks and again described it like butterflies fluttering. She said they would be intermittent and unpredictable but after thinking she might just have a little gas for a few days she realised it was definitely the baby making him or herself known.

Perhaps we notice the fluttering earlier in second and subsequent pregnancies because we know what to look out for and our bodies may already be tuned in but a top tip to feeling those early movements is to lie quietly with a glass of water and just focus. Being calm and quiet is key.

The days of early movement are incredibly precious, right then it’s just you and your baby. Nobody else can feel them by placing a hand on your tummy and it’s a moment just between the two of you. Treasure it and enjoy it too.


If you’re worried about your baby’s movement then always seek advice from your midwife and if you haven’t felt anything by 24 weeks, regardless of the number of pregnancies you’ve had, please do get a check-up. Although unlikely that anything will be wrong it’s always best to have an expert give you some care. You can read all about your baby’s movement and seek further advice here: