The Most Common Pregnancy Cravings!

The Most Common Pregnancy Cravings!

February 2014

Have you experienced any pregnancy cravings yet? If so, you’re likely to be experiencing a pretty normal pregnancy. If you have a super balanced diet, then you may find you don’t experience any cravings at all, but most people hanker after a specific food or drink at some stage in their pregnancy.

Primarily, cravings are your body telling you what it really needs, so that might be more fruit and vegetables to increase your vitamin C levels, chicken or cheese for more protein or something sweet to keep you sugar levels up.  Whatever it is, your midwife will recommend you try and eat as healthily as possible, so she is likely to encourage more fruit, vegetables, chicken and dairy (avoid anything unpasteurised) and advise you eat the sweet stuff in moderation.

Research has shown that cravings could be linked to hormone changes in pregnancy. There is no doubt that pregnancy increases your sense of smell and taste, so your body has a heightened sense of what tastes good – making you want it even more!  Find out the psychology behind cravings here:

So just what are the most common pregnancy cravings?  Well, here goes:

  1. The Sweet Stuff!  Chocolate, fizzy drinks, ice cream – all of these are sugar-rich and can help keep queasiness at bay, particularly in the those early stages of pregnancy.  As always, they should be eaten and drunk in moderation to avoid gestational diabetes (which is too much sugar in your blood) and to keep you healthy. 
  2. The Spicy Stuff!  Chillies, curries, spices – it’s said these food cravings can be your body giving your taste buds a big wake up!  There is nothing wrong with eating spicy food during pregnancy, especially with lean meat and vegetables.  Just watch out for the dreaded heartburn!
  3. The Salty Stuff! Crisps, pickles, peanut butter, marmite – these sorts of foods could be craved if you’re low in sodium, so worth speaking to your midwife if you’re excessively hankering after salty foods, but overall they play a great role when eaten in moderation as part of a healthy diet. 
  4.  The Good Stuff!  Fruit, eggs, vegetables, cheese – these are the winners!  Pregnant or not, it’s no surprise that these foods help with a healthy balanced diet, which will directly benefit your unborn baby, as well as you.  
  5. And finally, The Weird Stuff!  This can be anything and everything from eating lemons to sucking ice cubes. And sometimes it’s just normal food eaten together to make a strange combination, such as pickles and peanut butter, marmite with ice cream, onions and mustard.


So next time you fancy a snack – have a think what it is and why!