The 'Oooops' Moment

The 'Oooops' Moment

August 2014

Today we welcome a Guest Blog from one of the new Project-B brands - TENA.

Whether it’s lipstick on your teeth, your dress blowing up in a gust of wind or experiencing a little leak – we all have those little ‘Oooops!’ moments. While not funny at the time, you’re guaranteed to laugh later, as all of these things are just part of life – and being a woman.

A recent survey from lights by TENA found that 1 in 2 women will experience light bladder weakness over the course of their lifetime, so it’s more common than you think. In fact, up to 69 per cent of women will experience these little leaks during and after pregnancy.

Though surprisingly common, it also prevents 1 in 10 women from doing things within their usual routine, with a staggering 41 per cent of women neglecting their social lives because of it.

It is even the biggest worry for more than a quarter (28 per cent) of pregnant women, with more fretting over light bladder weakness than the quality of post-birth sex (19 per cent) and the loss of their independence (20 per cent).

Despite this, women are still reluctant to tackle light bladder weakness, with 30 per cent associating it with embarrassment and over half of women (54 per cent) labelling it as a taboo subject.

32 per cent will even keep their ‘Oooops!’ moments firmly under the radar from their nearest and dearest - 19 per cent would rather go a week without wearing any make-up that admit to experiencing light bladder weakness, and 1 in 10 would sooner see their favourite pair of shoes thrown out than confess!

More worryingly, a huge 1 in 5 are turning to unsuitable sanitary protection. Women are opting for products meant for periods, opposed to purpose made bladder weakness products designed for the thinner and faster flow of little leaks.

Thankfully, lights by TENA, manufactured by SCA, has created a range of discreet, comfortable and ultra-thin liners to make those little leaks as insignificant as a broken nail. Providing ultimate security and long-lasting protection, they are the perfect solution for regaining that body confidence!


“With so many women in the UK admitting they experience light bladder weakness, it’s a shame to see that a large proportion still feel they need to keep this a secret”, says lights by TENA brand manager, Sian Dixon. “We hope that by showing women how common this is, we can inspire them to open up and break the stigma.”