Time to Sleep...if you can!

Time to Sleep...if you can!

April 2015

Really tired, but sleep still eludes you? Many pregnant women struggle with going to sleep and staying asleep. There are lots of reasons why, at a time when you want to get plenty of rest, mums-to-be just find insomnia taking over. Follow our top tips on how to get some much needed sleep!

Just can’t get comfortable!   
As your bump quickly gets bigger, it can become near enough impossible to find a comfortable and accommodating position.  While they may not be the perfect solution, pillows really can help.  Try sleeping on your side and tucking one pillow under your belly, and another between your legs.  This can help to support your lower back and bump.  There are also some special pregnancy pillows available such as a pregnancy wedge and full-length pillows.  These are designed to support your back and cradle your bump- making sleep more comfortable.

Keep getting up for the toilet? 
As your baby grows, you bladder capacity shrinks meaning trips to the toilet become more and more frequent - not want you want when you are trying to sleep.  Try drinking as little as possible just before you go to bed.  While it may not get rid of them altogether, this should hopefully limit any night-time trips to the toilet. 

Can’t relax?  
Being pregnant gives you a lot to think about!  As your due date approaches you may find yourself tossing and turning with excitement and anxiety.  There are a few things to try just before bed: A soak in a warm bath can help you to relax, a soothing massage can work wonders too- encourage your partner to give you a lovely massage.

Still tired?
Gentle exercise can actually make you feel less tired during the day. Join a yoga or Pilates class (make sure the instructor knows you are pregnant) or go for a gentle walk/swim. Getting some activity in the day time will also help you to sleep better at night.

If you do still find yourself struggling to sleep, try not to let it worry you. The stress of worrying about not sleeping will just encourage your sleeplessness.

Above all remember that not getting enough sleep will not harm your baby- you may feel tired, but your baby has no trouble sleeping even when you’re wide awake!

You can click here for more advice and information: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pages/tiredness-sleep-pregnant.aspx#close