Welcome To A New Kind Of Chocolate Factory

Welcome To A New Kind Of Chocolate Factory

September 2013

Introducing The World Of Montezuma’s

Chocolate.  We’re a nation that just loves it. A recent report revealed only 5% of the population has not eaten this tasty treat in the last six months. Chocolate is more than just a bar, especially to us women; it’s something you eat when watching a film, share with friends or want to reward ourselves with. Emotions are associated with this smooth, sweet, melt-in-the-mouth delight!  

That’s where Montezuma’s chocolate comes in. A fantastic family company making chocolate in all shapes, sizes and flavours. From their
Chilli & Lime to their Great Balls Of Fire  and their triumphant Great British Pudding Bars, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.

You’ve no doubt seen Montezuma’s in shops across the country. They now have quite the cult following and thousands of genuine fans on their Facebook page. The Montezuma’s phenomenon all started 13 years ago, in Brighton, with one machine and two ex-lawyers. What have lawyers got to do with chocolate you may ask...being meticulous, hard-working and dedicated is a good start. Husband and wife team Helen and Simon wanted to create a chocolate range with real personality that didn’t just offer smooth, dark or white chocolate. 

What makes Montezuma’s stand out is their passion to be upfront, honest and fair. They are proud to be a family business, to have grown in a sustainable way and created an organic business growth that isn’t all about sales and making money. You can read all about their Trading Fairly Policy which tells you all about how they work with suppliers, how much packaging they use and how their ingredients are farmed. 

Rick Stein is a fan, as too is The Independent and Country Living magazine. Check out their critical acclaim here.

How does it taste we hear you cry? It tastes good. Soooooo good, you melt away from reality for a second in to a heaven of sweetness. Don’t take our word for it, give Montezuma’s a try now. To view their full range visit www.montezumas.co.uk.