Helping Dads-to-be to enjoy the journey

Helping Dads-to-be to enjoy the journey

July 2013

Congratulations, you are pregnant! However it is not just you who is expecting - if you have a partner or husband, don't forget is an no-doubt excited dad-to-be too! While you may be the one with the bump, the pregnancy affects both of you and it's important that the two of you work on this very special 'project' together.

Some men can often feel left out during pregnancy, with all of their partner's attention (quite rightly!) on the growing baby inside her. They may feel distanced from the journey as ultimately it is mum-to-be who feels all of the pregnancy experience (from morning sickness to every little kick!). That is why it is so important to get dad-to-be involved in any way he can. Follow our tips and advice on how to make this journey special for the two of you.

Attend any prenatal visits together

If you can attend most of the prenatal appointments together- great! Dad-to-be will really benefit from knowing what is going on and you will likely appreciate having him there. One appointment not to be missed is the prenatal ultrasound examination, where as parents, you will get the first glimpse of the baby. This will be a really special moment for the two of you to share.

Get Dad-to-be involved in the birthing plan

By creating the birthing plan together, your partner will know exactly what you want during the labour and can help you to achieve it- a very important role. Helping you to follow the birthing plan (while your busy pushing!) will help him to feel less helpless in the delivery room. Also, ensuring that antenatal classes are attended together, will help dad-to-be know the best ways to practically support you during labour.

'Prepare the nest' together

Make joint decisions on what to buy for your baby- and there will be lots to buy. Discuss how you want the nursery to be decorated and, as pregnant women are cautioned to avoid paint fumes, get dad-to-be to do the painting!