Your Midwife Notes Revealed!

Your Midwife Notes Revealed!

July 2014

Have you ever watched your midwife as she scribbles on your notes? Do you look afterwards and wonder what on earth they’re all about? Here, Project-B’s resident midwife – One Born Every Minute’s Gemma Raby - reveals the most common midwife shorthand and just what it means!

Gemma says: “Your midwife uses your notes to keep a record for herself and other midwives you may see, so it may include terms you don’t understand. You are always welcome to ask you midwife however, to explain what she has written and she should be happy to help.” 

·         FH - can be fetal heart, might also mean fundal height (the measurement from the top of the bump to the pubic bone)

·         FHHR - fetal heart heard and regular 

·         FM - fetal movements 

·         BP - Blood pressure 

·         P - pulse / MP - Maternal Pulse / HR - Heart rate 

·         Ceph - cephalic presentation (head down) 

·         BMI - body mass index 

·         EDD - estimated date of delivery 

·         USS - ultrasound scan 

·         FBC - full blood count (usually to check for anaemia) 

·         SVD - spontaneous vaginal delivery (normal birth) 

·         VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean 

·         SROM - spontaneous rupture of membranes 

·         NIEL - not in established labour 

·         VE - vaginal examination 

·         IOL - induction of labour 

·         NBFD - Neville Barnes forceps delivery (standard forceps) 

·         KFD - Keillands forceps delivery (rotational forceps) 

·         ANC - antenatal clinic 

·         CMW - community midwife 

·         PET - pre eclampsia toxaemia 

We hope this helps unravel a few mysterious terms – but don’t forget to ask your midwife if you’re still not sure!