Emmanuel Advice Care Centre

Emmanuel Advice Care Centre

October 2014

The Emmanuel Advice Care Centre is based in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Its mission is to prevent babies from being born with HIV and Aids. Primarily this is done through education and support in the community via a network of care workers.

On a daily basis, Emmanuel has become widely known for offering one nutritious meal a day to pregnant mums and young children. This reputation means it often has queues of hundreds waiting for the bowls they bring to be filled. Emmanuel relies on fundraising to provide this care and without it, children and mums-to-be are turned away hungry and the education stops. 

Just 10p provides 1 nourishing meal per day for a child or mum-to-be.

Add £1 to your monthly Project-B payment to give 10 nutritious meals and help this lifeline to keep its doors open.