About Us


Project-B is my third baby; in addition to a gorgeous and cheeky outdoor-loving boy and a pink and-sparkly obsessed little girl.

After many years working in the baby industry, my own pregnancy journey made me think how I would love to offer something that is for mum, but benefits baby too. I adore beauty products (I have a nail varnish collection Mr Max Factor himself would be proud of) and wanted to combine my passion for baby and beauty products with my desire to offer independent, impartial advice which would help mums–to-be through what is the most exciting and emotive experience.

Pregnancy is also a time to try new things and Project-B offers the chance to cost-effectively do that. Plus, you can tell companies exactly what you think on a platform they are really listening to. My hope is that receiving your Project-B box will feel a little bit like Christmas each month of your pregnancy. My aim is for each box to be exciting, interesting, informative, helpful, nurturing. Thank you for letting Project-B be part of your journey.