What is Project-B?

Project-B is a subscription gift service for pregnant women. You sign up to receive a beautiful monthly box, delivered to your door, designed to help you on your pregnancy journey. Each box aims to guide you through each month with nurturing products, expert information and helpful tips. Each box nestles approximately five products, from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household items, to pampering, as well as expert advice on your pregnancy month, a recipe to make, an exercise to try out and details on what to think about buying.

How is Project-B special?

Pregnancy is a time you'll want to learn, to get clued up on the biggest project you'll ever undertake. It's your time to focus on you, and your little project. That's why each Project-B box has been created to match the stage of pregnancy you're at. We have teamed up with some wonderful and exciting brands from soothing bath oil, a skin-friendly washing powder, some delicious nuts and seeds or an soft eye mask to aid sleep. Also included is advice from our experts; Midwife and Health Professional Nikki Holdsworth RSc (Hons) RM and author of 'What To Buy For Your Baby' Liat Hughes Joshi, so you have information on your pregnancy that month, a new recipe to try out, advice on staying active, and tips on what to think about buying.

How many boxes are there?

Box 1 starts from 12 weeks of pregnancy. There are then a further six boxes which take you through to a 7th box once your baby has arrived. The months and weeks are broken down as:

  • Box 1 - Month 4 or 12-15 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 2 - Month 5 or 16-19 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 3 - Month 6 or 20-24 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 4 - Month 7 or 25-29 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 5 - Month 8 or 30-34 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 6 - Month 9 or 35-39 weeks of pregnancy
  • Box 7 - Baby's arrival (Project Complete)

How does Project-B work?

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up on our fully secure website - either for you or as a gift for someone else.
  2. Your Project-B box will be created and sent out within 5-7working days of your order and payment received.
  3. Open your box, unwrap your treats, read this month's expert information, try everything out (or wait to hear all about it, if it's sent as a gift!).
  4. Let us know what you think of the products at www.project-b.com/reviewmybox.
  5. Sit back and wait for next month's box to arrive every month until your 'Project Complete' box once baby arrives.

How much does a Project-B subscription cost?

By signing up to Project-B you agree to a monthly subscription of £14.99 per month which follows you through your pregnancy, including a 'Project Complete' box once your baby has arrived. So, for example, if you sign up when you are six month's pregnant, you would receive boxes, 4, 5, 6, and 7. If you sign up in month three, you would receive boxes, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. 

How do I ensure I get the right box for my stage of pregnancy?


Please select the box which matches how many weeks pregnant you (or your gift recipient) are currently as you box will be shipped within 5-7 working days. If you want to clarify your box order you can contact the team on team@project-b.com 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us on team@project-b.com or calling 07957 294 061 We require 30 days' cancellation notice so you may still receive your next box and may still be charged.

How and when can I get hold of you?

The Project-B Team work Monday to Friday 9-5pm and can be contacted during that time by emailing team@project-b.com or by calling 07957 294 061.

What happens if my baby arrives early?

If your baby arrives more than one month early, let us know by calling us on 07957 294 061 or emailing us on team@project-b.com and we will deliver all remaining boxes to you in one go.

Will my direct debit automatically be cancelled after I receive the final box?

Yes, this will be automatic and you do not need to do anything.

What happens if there is a problem in my pregnancy and I no longer want to receive my boxes?

Any issues of this nature will be dealt with understanding. Please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us on team@project-b.com or calling 07957 294 061. We will act by return to cancel your subscription.

Do I have to order my Project-B box every month?

No, you don't have to order your box every month, by signing up, you agree to a monthly direct debit subscription until you recieve box 7 "Project Complete". The direct debit will be cancelled after this point.

How can I give a Project-B subscription as a gift?

This is simple and easy to do. Simply click on 'Send As A Gift' to take you through to the Sign Up page where you click 'It's a Gift'. Follow the steps as prompted. You pay for all boxes at once, allowing your recipient to receive them monthly. Your recipient will be informed that a Project-B subscription has been organised by you for them via an email.

Do you ship outside of the UK and Northern Ireland?

Not at the moment.

How much does delivery cost?

There is no charge to you for delivery.

Can I pay for all my boxes in one go?

Yes, you are able to pay for everything in one go if you would like to. Please contact Customer Services on team@project-b.com and we will arrange this for you. 

How do I postpone delivery of my boxes if I'm away for a week?

As your box is delivered by courier, you will be left a 'delivery attempted' card so you can make your own re-delivery arrangements on your return home.

What happens if there is a problem with my box?

Any problems please get in touch with us by emailing us on team@project-b.com or calling 07957 294 061. More details on this are in the Terms & Conditions section.

What if my box doesn't arrive at all?

You will be issued with an email each month confirming that your box has been despatched. Should you not have received your box within 7 working days, please contact the Project-B team by emailing us on team@project-b.com or calling 07957 294 061.

What if I don't like something I receive in my box?

Whilst we hope you enjoy everything you receive, we know that you will understand that not everything will be for everyone, and that trying out new products, which you may or may not necessarily love, is part of the enjoyment! Because we will include a wide range of items, we are very confident you will be happy with your box every month.

What happens if I receive the wrong box?

Please contact us immediately by emailing us on team@project-b.com or calling 07957 294 061, return the box to us and we will replace it with the correct box by return.

Can I order boxes to more than one address?

Yes, as Project-B can be given as a gift, you can set up as many delivery addresses as you like. When you log-on you just treat each new recipient as a new account.

Will my boxes fit through my letterbox?

As your Project-B box is full of exciting gifts, we can't squeeze it all in a little box, so no, it will arrive by courier.

Where will my box be left if it can't go through the letterbox?

Your box will arrive by courier. If you are out the courier will leave you a 'delivery attempted' card so you can make your own re-delivery arrangements on your return home.

Is my box recyclable?

Yes. Please recycle it.

Where do the products come from?

We secure the products for you by speaking to contacts at hundreds of brands. We work out the best products for the right time of your pregnancy, wrap them beautifully and hand deliver them to you.

Can I feedback on the box and its contents?

Yes, we actively welcome feedback and value it as part of the Project-B process. By logging in to the Project-B website, you open up your personal page where you can feedback comments to us, some of which we may use (anonymously) on the website so other mums-to-be can read. General feedback on the box itself and the Project-B service, including the delivery, etc. should be directed to team@project-b.com.

Will I be contacted by the brand or other people once I have signed up?

By subscribing to Project-B, you allow us to pass your details on to relevant third parties. You are able to opt out of this at the Sign Up stage, before you Checkout, should you not want this to happen.

Are you on Facebook?

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