Heather Mitchell, ‘Nesting’ Expert

Heather Mitchell, ‘Nesting’ Expert

October 2014

After the excitement of finding out that you are expecting all manner of questions pop into your head, what should I be eating, how will we manage childcare, and what am I going to do about the house?!

If you’re worrying about getting your home ready for your little one then Heather Mitchell is here to help!

Heather joins us from Mapa Spontex UK Limited, the home of clever cleaning tools company Spontex and naturally powerful home cleaning sprays, YOU. Although she herself admits that cleaning isn’t always the most exciting job in the world she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve to help you enjoy getting your home ready to welcome baby home!

Heather will be sharing her wealth of better, quicker, easier cleaning tips to support you while you are nesting.  With her help you’ll have a happy, healthy, naturally clean environment ready for your new arrival and maybe have a bit of fun along the way too!