Bedding for families

BSensible is one of Europe’s leading retailers in bedding.  Its mission is to ensure that families have a better night’s sleep.  BSensible produce unique, extremely soft and smooth, 100% natural surface, light, breathable and waterproof bedding.  It includes fitted sheets and pillow cases for adults, children and babies, starting at just £16.

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Rach - June 2017


Looks good and works well - great combination!

Becky - June 2017



Good little pillow case.

Zoe - June 2017

Love the colour


Love the colour of this pillow case - and it's practical too - yay!

Sarah Jones - June 2017

Would buy


This is my third baby - so I know how great a protective pillow can be!! Wish I'd known about these before as always ended up with those thick crinkly sheets and pillow cases under the normal bedding.

Emily Reed - June 2017



This is a clever little product! I like having the info leaflet too - informative. Will definitely use this and probably buy matching for my hubby - and then baby when he is in his own bed.

Samia Bhogal - June 2017

Great product


Liked this product.

Jess - June 2017

Great colours


I checked out all the colours on their website and there are loads - great alternatives to your usual white! So well worth thinking about when it comes to messy motherhood - feeding, sickness, bed wetting, etc.

Alina French - June 2017

Cool pillow


I loved this pillow. It was nice to use - and felt kind of clean and fresh. It wasn't plastic-y like some of those waterproof pillows. I would recommend trying it.

Megan Jones - June 2017

Saving for baby


I decided to save this for when my baby goes in to a bed, although am thinking I should try it for myself!

Adele Hunt - June 2017

Not heard of before but worth checking out!


I've not heard of this company before but if you're looking for new bedding it's worth checking their website out. Great colours. Good product.

Samina Khan - June 2017

Practical but nice


Heading in to mummy-hood I have started to look for products which are practical but also nice. I never really thought about bedding much yet- as have just bought a bottom sheet for the cot and Gro Bag for our pending arrival. So it was really good to try this out - not sure I would have thought about it or bought it otherwise. It was nice to use. I would buy another one and recommend it.

Rachel Greene - June 2017



This pillow was so nice to use. It felt clean and fresh.

Jodie Young - June 2017

Soft and lovely


I have to say I didn't expect to get a pillow case in my Project B box but it was great because I got to try out a new product. And I really loved it! It was soft to use and has washed really well. Great product.

Sadia - May 2017



Lovely product