Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Pain Relief Cold Patch

Deep Freeze Cold Patch is a fast acting, self-adhesive cooling patch which provides cooling pain relief to the affected area for up to 3 hours.  Cold treatment for muscles and joints is a well-recognised and growing alternative to oral pain relief.  Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch can be used during pregnancy to give soothing relief from pregnancy related muscular back pain. We recommend that new pregnancy symptoms should always be discussed with a doctor or midwife.

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customer reviews REVIEW THIS PRODUCT
Chantelle - October 2017

It works


Helped with bad back ache. Hard to keep in place.

Chanice - March 2017

I love this


I have heard these are AMAZING so I cannot wait to use them! Especially as I really suffer with back pains!

Jane - November 2016

This is a really good product


Jodie - November 2016

This works


Anyone who is suffering with pregnancy back pain should try this product as it really helps to soothe the pain. You can feel it working straight away and is a really good alternative to paracetamol or whatever.

Lily - November 2016

So good!!!!


I've had back twinges for ages so tried it as soon as I got it and love it. Heaven!!

Robyn - September 2016

Hopefully will come in handy


During labour or in the time running up to it!

Laura - July 2016

Pure Bliss!


Great relief for a very sore back - thank you

Rae - March 2016



Handy for backache especially just before bed. Great relief!

Rebecca - February 2016

Good pain relief


Yes this worked well.

Susan - February 2016



This pad is amazing. You wouldn't think to look at it that it would be so effective, but it really works. You can feel the coldness taking effect, it helps to numb the pain. I think they're fantastic - work like magic!!

Jill - February 2016

Effective product


This has really helped me over the last few weeks with more sore back. I would recommend this and buy it.

Stevie - January 2016

Look highly recommend


Great product and gave me great relief from my sore back

Clare - July 2015

Would buy


I'd buy this again. Worked well.

Bethany - July 2015

Wonder patch!


What a great product! Worked really quickly and effectively. I would recommend trying this for those suffering with aches and pains in their pregnancy.

Maria - July 2015



Great product, glad to have it in my box as I probably wouldn't have tried it otherwise.

Sophie - July 2015

Wasn't sure but works!


I wasn't sure about this - how can a little patch hep with back ache - but it worked really quickly and carried on working for hours. It wouldn't help major back pain but aches and pains from pregnancy - definitely!

Jane - July 2015

Great product!


Love this. Works well.

Jodie - July 2015

Natural pain relief


Ideal - to get natural pain relief like this.

Anna - July 2015

Would buy


I will be buying more of these. They have really helped to take the edge of my pregnancy back ache.

Pippa - July 2015



Loved this - instant relief.