MAM Anti Colic Bottle

The innovative MAM bottle reduces colic and sterilises itself thanks to the innovative technical design!

Enjoy 80% less colic thanks to the smart base ventilation. Thanks to the patented MAM silk teat which allows for an easy switch between mum and MAM with a proud 94% Acceptance rate amongst babies.


This smart and innovative bottle ensures that from now on parents are mobile: the MAM Anti-Colic sterilises itself.



Simply heat in the microwave with water and it’s done! Whether on holiday or visiting friends the smart Anti-Colic bottle is ready for use.

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Susie - March 2016

Heard great things


Looking forward to using when my first born arrive

Irune - March 2016

Great Product Highly Recommended


Looking forward to using this when my little bundle of joy arrives

Sarah - March 2016

I love Mam


I used MAM for my first child and will definitely go back and use the MAM anti-colic bottle for baby number 2 - great product that really works!

Rachel - March 2016

Really Useful


Thanks Project-B so many bottles out there so great to start learning about which one may be right for me and my baby