Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment


This unique double action formula provides daily protection from nappy rash. It works by forming a physical barrier to help protect against the external irritants that can cause nappy irritation. Fragrance and lanolin free, it is gentle enough to use every day and at each nappy change. It is available from Asda, Boots, Morrisons, Savers, Sainsburys, Tesco, pharmacies and at And costing just £2.99 for 40g and £5.49 for 80g, it is cost-effective too!

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Rachel - April 2018

The best stuff


This is the best stuff! It really does work.

Tanya - May 2017



Good barrier cream which I used on my 1st baby

Geri - January 2017

Good for dry patches


I've been using this on little dry patches under my nose in this cold weather. I used it every day for a few days and it cleared it up, so I'm really pleased. Handy to have around and will try on baby too when she arrives.

Clare - January 2017

Nice little sample


Will try once baby arrives.

Lucy - January 2017

Great product


I use this for all sorts of little skin issues - nappy rash, dry patches, sore skin - and it works a treat.

Kate - January 2017

Good old metanium!


My mum used this on me and now I'm about to use it on my baby. I like that!

Robyn - November 2016

Sample only


Have received a lot of these (around 6-7!!) as free samples throughout pregnancy, so a bit disappointed that the one included in this box is not full sized ...

Jenny - November 2016

I'm sure my mum used this on me!!


Becky - November 2016

Tucked away for when new baby arrives


I've read about this in a magazine so was pleased to get a sample in my box. It's ready and waiting for use!

Lara - July 2016

Good barrier


Natalie - April 2016

Good Barrier


Tried a little bit on my hand and seemed to leave a nice protective layer which I assume will help to prevent nappy rash. Will give this a go when baby arrives - Thanks Project-B

Elouise - October 2015

Lovely smell


Great product with a really nice smell

Susan - October 2015

A medicine cabinet must have


I used this on my first baby and would not chose anything else

Donna - April 2015



Good product.

Rachel - April 2015

Great product


This is a really good product. I used it on my first child and it worked amazingly well.

Rebecca - February 2015

Massively helped


This product massively helped to soothe my baby's sore bottom. I would recommend this.

Donna - February 2015

Ready to be used


Thanks for this, I've got it ready to be used.

Sinead - December 2014

Good product


My friend recommended this to me - so I will be trying it out.

Emily - October 2014

Works a treat


This has worked a treat on my newborn.

Jess - September 2014

Works well


I've had this recommended to me from a friend so I am interested to try it out.

Alicia - June 2014

Brilliant cream


I swear by this cream for my first daughter's nappy rash. It's brilliant.

Lisa - January 2014

Used this on my first baby


I used this on my first baby and feel it's real must have now I have another baby. I keep this little tube in my hand bag.